What is Street Art?

What is Street art…I guess you will get many different definitions if you ask anyone on the streets or a street artist, but Oxford dictionary sums it up in a good way;

«Artwork that is created in a public space, typically without official permission»

I feel that the lack of permission part is changing, anyway in some cities…


There are different type of street art, the most common are the following;

One way of producing street art is stenciling, a stencil is made by cutting out a printed or hand drawn picture in specific areas as to produce an image after applying spraypaint. Street artists like Banksy use this technique a lot. (ref. Urban dictionary)






The second way of producing street art is called Wheatpasting, which is when you use a homemade paste to roll over an image you printed (the paste only dries in thin coats). Shepard Fairey is a legend of wheatpasting. (ref. Urban dictionary)


The third way of producing street art is called sticker art, also called slap tagging or just simply slapping. This is very similar to wheatpasting but it does not use wheatpaste. Stickering is best done in broad daylight since it’s quick and easy to do and people don’t give a shit about stickering but flip the fuck out when you start spraypainting a wall. A famous sticker artist is Space Invader.  (ref. Urban dictionary)


Murals, a large picture painted or affixed directly on a wall or ceiling (ref.Oxford dictionary)

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Stickgraffiti is a new technique (?) I saw in Gothenburg. Instead of cans and paintbrushes the artists use yarn to make art